Caregiver in Gardendale, AL: Senior Chronic Conditions

5 Tips on Managing Chronic Conditions in Seniors

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Caregiver in Gardendale, AL: Aging has an effect on the body, and seniors are more likely to develop certain chronic conditions that can impact their ability to perform daily tasks. Most chronic illnesses start out with mild symptoms and progress over the years, making it increasingly difficult for elderly adults to remain completely independent.

Elderly Care Trussville AL: Power Of Attorney Selection

Why Should Your Parents Consider Naming an Outside Person as a Financial POA?

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Elderly Care Trussville AL: It’s estimated that elderly men and women lost upwards of $50 billion each year to financial fraud. According to Stanford University and the Finra Investor Education Foundation, exact numbers are hard to tally because about 4 in 10 seniors never report these crimes.

What is home care?

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Home care is what it sounds like – non-medical services provided for your aging relatives. We know how busy things are these days with work and family and you may …