Elderly Care in Brookwood AL: Senior Perscriptions

What Questions Should You Ask About Your Parent’s Prescriptions Before Discharge?

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Elderly Care in Brookwood AL: During your journey as a family caregiver it is very likely that you will need to bring your aging parent to the emergency room. They may struggle with an infection, illness, or infection that requires urgent medical attention and it is important that you ensure they get this attention as promptly as possible.

Elder Care in Pinson AL: Seniors Embrace Exercise

Seniors of All Abilities Should Embrace Exercise

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Elder Care in Pinson AL: Did you know that exercise is good for elderly adults, no matter what their abilities and chronic conditions? In fact, studies show that when seniors exercise, they reduce the risk of getting certain diseases and actually improve their health in numerous ways.

Senior Care in Chelsea AL: Factors for Heart Attack

What Risk Factors for Heart Attack Can Your Parent Not Change?

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Senior Care in Chelsea AL: Being a family caregiver is much more than just recognizing the issues that your parent is facing and helping them to manage them. Instead, you can make a tremendous difference in your parent’s health and future quality of life by helping them to take steps to prevent health issues and medical emergencies from occurring in the first place.

Home Care in Alabaster AL: Senior Hearing Loss

What Do You and Others Need to Know about Communicating with a Senior Who Has Hearing Loss?

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Home Care in Alabaster AL: If your senior has some difficulty hearing well, then you may already know that communication can be difficult. These tips can help everyone who talks with your elderly family member to have a better experience.

Elderly Care Trussville AL: Power Of Attorney Selection

Why Should Your Parents Consider Naming an Outside Person as a Financial POA?

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Elderly Care Trussville AL: It’s estimated that elderly men and women lost upwards of $50 billion each year to financial fraud. According to Stanford University and the Finra Investor Education Foundation, exact numbers are hard to tally because about 4 in 10 seniors never report these crimes.