Elder Care in Pell City AL: Senior Loneliness Tips

Is Loneliness as Bad for Senior Health as Smoking?

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You would think that in today’s world where it’s easier than ever to connect with others through social media and email that people would never feel lonely.
However, a growing body of research indicates that people are lonelier today than ever before. In a recent survey conducted by insurance company Cigna, almost half of the respondents said they felt lonely. The problem with loneliness is that it poses a real risk to physical health. Experts say that a person who is lonely has the same risk of dying as a person who smokes 15 cigarettes every day.

Unfortunately, older adults often feel lonely for a number of reasons. They may be housebound because they are unable to drive. Or, they may be living alone because of the death of a spouse. And, as their aging friends and family members pass away, they can be left feeling quite alone. Fortunately, elder care can ease loneliness in your aging relative. Below are just a few of the things an elder care provider can do to prevent older adults from feeling lonely.


Companionship and Conversation

Having an elder care provider visit the senior’s home every day or even a few times per week automatically gives them someone to talk to and spend time with. Because agencies try to be consistent about the caregivers they send to their clients’ homes, your aging relative will have the opportunity to really get to know their elder care providers, enabling them to build relationships.



Elder care providers can take older adults on outings, so they are not stuck in the house all day. The outings can be as simple as driving them to the grocery store, or more involved, like a trip to a museum or theater. They can even drive seniors to worship services, friends’ houses, and restaurants.


Games and Activities

If your aging relative enjoys playing board games or cards, an elder care provider can play with them. Or, if they prefer other activities, like crafts, the elder care provider can assist them with gathering supplies and help with parts of the project that might be difficult because of poor eyesight or manual dexterity problems. If reading is your aging relative’s hobby, but it has become hard because of vision or other health problems, an elder care provider can read to them.


Entertaining Visitors

Sometimes older adults are reluctant to have visitors to their homes because they are unable to keep up with housework or because they have difficulty preparing refreshments. An elder care provider can help with cleaning and preparing the house. They can also make food and beverages for the older adult and their guests.

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