Elder Care in Pinson AL: Seniors Embrace Exercise

Seniors of All Abilities Should Embrace Exercise

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Did you know that exercise is good for elderly adults, no matter what their abilities and chronic conditions?

In fact, studies show that when seniors exercise, they reduce the risk of getting certain diseases and actually improve their health in numerous ways. However, it can be hard to convince elderly adults that they should start exercising. With the help of their senior care assistant who helps out around the home, elderly adults can start an exercise regimen to boost their health.


Elder Care in Pinson AL: Seniors Embrace Exercise

Elder Care in Pinson AL: Seniors Embrace Exercise


Can Exercise Really Help the Elderly?

Almost every aging adult can benefit from some kind of exercise, even those that are in a wheelchair or bedridden. Regular exercise can lower the risk of a person getting any number of chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, dementia and high blood pressure. Besides these illnesses, regular activity can boost the mood and raise self-esteem, improve balance and strengthen muscles and bones.

Seniors can also enjoy some positive side effects of exercise. Studies show that regular activity strengthens the immune system, aids in digestion and improves sleep patterns. It helps with circulation of the blood and contributes to weight loss. As long as the exercise is mild to moderate and it is in line with what their doctor recommends, there’s no reason for seniors to avoid it. If they need help in getting to a class or doing exercises at home, they can rely on their senior care assistant to drive them around or set up whatever they need.


Obstacles to Regular Exercise in Seniors

Just like most adults, seniors find it difficult to engage in regular exercise. Whereas younger adults may feel too busy or have too many other responsibilities to do so, elderly people have different obstacles. Seniors are more likely to have chronic illnesses that trigger daily pain or discomfort. They may feel more tired in the middle of the day or they are unable to drive themselves to a community center or fitness center for senior activity classes. Without someone to remind them or motivate them to exercise, it’s often just easier to stay sedentary.

Family members may have to take an active role in encouraging their aging relatives to become more active. However, the person with the most influence on an elderly person’s day is their senior care assistant. With guidance from a doctor and the family members, seniors can rely on their senior care assistant for help in incorporating exercise into their day. Whether they are active and just need encouragement or they need help moving around or doing stretches in a chair, elderly adults should be able to engage in exercise with encouragement and support from their senior care aide.

Regular exercise is a big factor in having the energy, strength, and stamina to participate in a rich and full life as a senior. Senior care assistants can help elderly adults exercise at home and take their own health and wellness into their own hands.

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