Elderly Care in Chelsea AL: Online Grocery Shopping Tips

Should You Shop for Groceries Online?

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You are a family caregiver with a lot of responsibilities. Even with the help of a home care assistant and other family members, your time is most likely spread quite thin. One of the biggest time-consuming activities that adults face is grocery shopping. However, new developments in online grocery shopping are transforming the way that people get their groceries. It’s worth asking yourself the question, “Should I shop for groceries online?”


Elderly Care in Chelsea AL: Online Grocery Shopping Tips

Elderly Care in Chelsea AL: Online Grocery Shopping Tips


All About Online Grocery Shopping

Online grocery shopping is just what it sounds like—establishing an account with a local store or online store, choosing grocery items out on the app or website, and placing the order. Some stores deliver to the house for a small fee or free. Others have an in-store pickup that simply requires you to phone ahead when you’ve arrived and they will bring it out to your car.

Many urban areas already have online shopping options from local grocery stores, while others exist as online-only stores that ship products via distribution centers through couriers that deliver to the home. You’ll just have to do some research to determine what is available in your area and how it can be made to work for you.


Benefits of Online Grocery Shopping

In order to make online grocery shopping work for you, you’ll still need to spend time creating a list and placing the order. However, the benefits of doing it online versus inside a brick and mortar store can tip the balance in your favor. Here is a list of some of the benefits of online grocery shopping.

-Shop when it is convenient for you via the computer, whether you are sick, watching children or attending to your aging family member.

-Easily compare prices from different online stores instead of traveling to each store.

-Harder-to-find items may be more accessible online, such as organic, gluten-free or specialty ethnic foods.

-Avoid crowds in the grocery store and standing in long checkout lines, reducing stress.

-See the total amount you’ll be spending by periodically checking the virtual grocery cart as you go to help stay within budget.

-You’ll be able to resist all those impulse purchases that can add to your grocery bill but you don’t really need.

-Save money on transportation, especially if your grocery store is out of the way for you. Even if you must do an in-store pickup, you are saving gas money by not going to several different stores to compare prices.

-Special shipping containers and same-day delivery means you can get fresh produce, meat, and dairy without giving up the convenience of online grocery shopping.

It’s really hard to find a downside for online shopping. Among the most notable would be not being able to choose your own fresh items. Also, some online services may take some time to deliver, so you won’t get the items the minute you pay for them. However, with planning and patience, you can use online grocery shopping to your advantage and save yourself time and money. Family caregivers with elderly relatives need to take every opportunity to maximize their personal time, by taking advantage of things like home care assistants, senior events in the community and now, online grocery shopping.


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