Home Care in Birmingham AL: When Should You Talk to Your Aging Parent About Driving?

Looking for An Opportunity to Discuss Driving (or Not Driving) with Your Senior Loved-One?

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What Openings Can You Take to Talk about Driving with Your Senior?

Home Care in Birmingham AL: When Should You Talk to Your Aging Parent About Driving?

Home Care in Birmingham AL: When Should You Talk to Your Aging Parent About Driving?

For some caregivers, talking about how their elderly family member drives is a difficult topic to bring up. You don’t want to upset your aging adult or hurt her feelings, but this is a conversation you can’t put off for too long.

When She Makes a Small Change on Her Own

One of the more positive openings that you can use to talk to your senior about driving happens when she makes changes on her own that help her to stay safer. If she’s decided to stop driving after dark, for example, or during inclement weather, that’s a huge step. Make sure that she’s got alternatives, such as home care companions that she can call on for help with transportation. Reward those small changes and use them for the conversational opener that they are.

When She’s Prescribed a New Medication

New medications often have side effects that can create changes for how your senior drives and experiences the rest of her activities, too. When she does have a new prescription, talk to her about how she’s feeling and whether it’s affecting her ability to drive. If she’s sleepy or if the medication causes other kinds of side effects, you might need to talk with her doctor about modifying them.

When She’s Late Coming Home

You’re probably quite used to worrying about your aging adult when she’s been away longer than you expected. If her driving is a concern for you, then her arriving home much later can make you fear that she’s been in an accident. When she returns home, it’s important to bring up those concerns and let her know that her safety is what you’re most worried about.

When She’s Received a Ticket

Tickets, whether they’re a result of an accident or a moving violation, usually mean that how your senior drives, is changing. This is especially true if she’s had minimal or no tickets in the past. If she’s starting to collect some now, it’s definitely time for you to sit down and talk about what is causing the upsurge in violations and what you can do to help her.

Driving is a serious topic that you need to discuss frequently with your aging adult. Understanding how she feels and how she thinks about driving helps you to make the right decisions as her caregiver.

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